Our Method

Acquiresoft offers a three-step process, developed and proven through our successful engagements with clients, to deliver strong technical solutions.


Acquiresoft works collaboratively with organizations, asking key questions to understand their business needs and technology investments. We synthesize ideas from across the business to build a clear picture of how we can bring process and technology to help the organization succeed.


We apply systematic statistical and logical techniques to understand, document, and evaluate your organization's data and structures. This forms the basis for successful design of solutions that normalize and utilize that data to deliver access and insights.


Acquiresoft leverages our deep knowledge of technologies including Dynamics, Office 365, SharePoint, and .NET to define the optimal mix of out-of-box configurations and customized development for your organization. We detail our design and determine the delivery methodology (Agile, waterfall, or hybrid) best suited for your environment. Then our developers build and integrate a tailored solution for you, engaging regularly with you along the way to ensure the products meet your requirements.