Our Custom Solutions Offerings

Cloud Development

Our team of cloud experts will help you architect, design, develop and deploy your custom solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. If you are looking to move a legacy application to Azure or build a new one from the ground up, we will provide you both the guidance and expertise to ensure your success.

Web Development

Recent trends in Web development emphasize delivery of an intuitive, engaging user experience. Acquiresoft's team help organizations develop custom Web applications that deliver business value to customers in a streamlined, user-focused package. Our expertise include ASP.NET, HTML5, Angular, React, Vue and Node.js

Database Development

Mastering your data is crucial to provide insight into your business and enable effective decisionmaking. Our team will help you assess and organize your data across various data sources, employing current best practices, to provide detailed, accurate analytics and help you not only understand the present state of your business but facilitate string decisions for its future. Our expertise include SQL Server, CosmosDB, MongoDB and DynamoDB

Mobile Development

Mobile access to applications and data is essential today to deliver functionality and engage with customers. Our team will help you optimize your mobile development process by bringing robust design practices and delivery mechanisms.